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Led by the “ Knowledge, Democratized ” motto, this blog aims to deliver expert insights on trending topics with regards to the renewable energy, energy storage and green hydrogen sectors. Critical reviews of nascent and developed power markets aim to draw a baseline of opportunities for interested stakeholders as well an assessment of the competition field.

This is a personal blog. Any views or opinions are personal and belong solely to the blog owner. They do not represent those of people and organizations that the author may be associated with in a professional capacity, unless explicitly stated.


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Naim El Chami


Naim El Chami is a French engineer specialized in energy storage and hydrogen systems. He is currently acting as Senior Analyst at Clean Horizon Consulting, which delivers market analysis and technical consulting services related to the energy storage and hydrogen sectors. Expert on the United States and Australia markets, he also conducted multiple energy storage studies on geographies as different as Latin America, the Middle East and Europe. His main expertise covers market and regulatory analyses, techno-economical and financial assessment of energy storage and hydrogen systems as well as the management of GWh-scale procurements.Naim completed two Engineer’s degrees at CentraleSupélec (Energy Conversion) and Saint Joseph’s University (Electromechanical Engineering). He also obtained a Master’s degree in energy market regulation, design & economics from Paris Dauphine University and École Polytechnique.

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